Temporary Changes due to COVID-19


We are working to offer our local family’s a solution to their pet care needs in a clean, safe, secure environment. Constant cleaning and disinfection protocols with safe effective materials have always been in place, for the pets in our care. We have increased some of our protocols to protect our staff, so they can continue to care for your pets and to protect all our clients, as they check their pets in and out.

Our new temporary hours are by appointment only to decrease everyone’s exposure, as much as possible. A few of the other changes to keep everyone safe are:

Hands off Check-in and Check-out

  • We are now offering a hands-off check in and check out service. You can pull up to our service entrance. Call our front desk at your appointment time. After checking in via phone walk into the cubicle, with your pet. Remove and take their collar and leash. Wash your hands and leave. After you go back out the door, we will retrieve your pet, using a clean kennel lead, and move them to a clean comfortable cabin for their scheduled service. The cubicle and bathroom will be cleaned and disinfected after each use. When you return, the process will be reversed. All interactions will be via phone and/or email. For your pet’s safety, make sure the door is firmly latched behind you!

Curbside Delivery

  • Curbside delivery is also now being offered for cats in study carriers and well-trained dogs who will enter and exit your vehicle easily. Call from your car at your appointment time and stay in your car. A staff member will come out to your car and retrieve or return your pet to or from the back door or back seat area of your car using a clean kennel lead. (You can leave your collar and lead on your pet if you wish) Your dog can not be aggressive to the staff member. Staff member is not permitted to lift dogs over 25lbs into your car. You must maintain physical and verbal control of your dog until staff member has the kennel lead on your dog and has given you verbal permission to allow her to take control of your dog. This might require training and practice on your part. This method of pet delivery should not be used for large rowdy dogs, protective or aggressive dogs or dogs who are fearful of cars or strangers. It is your responsibility to keep your dog and our staff safe. All interactions will be via phone and/or email.

Front Desk Services

  • All clients are welcome to enter our lobby and use our front desk for check in and check outs. We ask that you be healthy, limit family as much as possible, wear a mask, maintain social distances with our staff and only enter lobby one at a time. You will be expected to arrive at your scheduled appointment time to avoid overcrowding in lobby, courtyard and parking area. Doors, desktops, floors will be cleaned and disinfected after each client.

Temporary Changes to Our Services

Grooming Spa has Reopened

Dog Camp and Day Care

Dog Training


  • Even though, we have all been asked to shelter at home, CWPR understands that emergencies arise, health issues prevent caring for our beloved pets and other situations come up that require a safe secure, caring place for your pet to be, without you. We have been in the pet care business for over 60 years and we will continue to be here for you and your pet as we are needed. We ask that you make a reservation as usual and schedule a specific drop off and pickup time. Visit our website for other requirements.
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Connie Winters

President and Founder of Connie Winters Pet Resort.