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Professional Pet Care Services for Western PA and the Surrounding Areas Since 1960

Choosing Pet Care

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Consider the following when choosing your pet care:

Connie Winters’ Pet Resort is dedicated to providing loving, quality care for your pet and we truly feel that we are the best solution for all of your pet care needs. However, we understand that there are other options when deciding where your pet should stay when you are away. Having an individual come to your home or taking your pet to someone else’s home is an option that some people choose but this choice may not always be the best decision.


While you are away, your pet will seek out more attention than usual because he realizes you are not there with him. Not having that attention will result in added stress. A pet sitter may only be able to visit your home for a limited amount of time each day. Relatives or friends have their own schedule to follow and your pet will just have to adjust. Connie Winters’ Pet Resort provides the constant attention your pet needs with trained personnel in a secure setting, potty breaks, regular feeding times, treats, play times and many other activities to keep your pet entertained and content.

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Happy irish setter being pet on the head


With almost 61 years in business, there is no one in the area that has more experience caring for family pets than Connie Winters’ Pet Resort. We have a trained staff that love and care for our guests as if they were our own. The highly trained staff, which works as a team with a high level of supervision and enthusiasm for their jobs, has first aid training, vet tec. experience and all are trained using the KNOWING DOGS programs.

Be sure to ask potential pet caregivers about their pet care training. During an emergency, it could save your pet’s life. This is our passion, not just something we try to squeeze into our schedule.


Increased amounts of time at home alone may cause extreme boredom or frantic behavior, which often leads to destructive behaviors such as chewed furniture, accidents and/or soiled rugs, holes in the yard, walls or doors and much more serious damages to both your home and your pet. Connie Winters’ Pet Resort offers exciting activities, calm sleeping areas, relaxing music and a variety of stimulating interactions each day that will help minimize this behavior.

Small dog nipping at clothes
Grooming pet care of a white dog


As a premium facility, Connie Winters’ Pet Resort is a clean, well maintained safe haven for your pet during your absence. Your pet will be monitored by a trained staff member throughout the day with wellness checks, while spending plenty of quality time outside of his or her sleeping area. Your pet will also be given ample opportunity to rest in a quiet comfortable bed, as good rest is also important to staying healthy. You will always find comfort and peace of mind knowing that your pet is safe and having fun at the same time instead of waiting at home, with legs crossed, for you to return home.

We can also offer your pet extra services that a pet sitter or relative will not be able to offer. Such services as obedience training, exceptional grooming services, group play options, day care, TLC packages, puppy packages, pool time or sled riding, special treats and many other activities are available. Come for a tour, see why we are the best solution for your pet care needs. (724) 465-6120 or info@conniewinterspetresort.com.