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Grooming Spa & Styling Salon for Dogs & Cats in Indiana County

All pets are happier and healthier when they are clean and well groomed. Our grooming salon with state of the art amenities is a quiet, soothing retreat, away from exciting activities going on though out the rest of the resort. Your pet will receive personalized care based on their breed and the state of their coat to ensure they are happy, healthy and ready to go when you pick them up.

Why Choose Connie Winters' Pet Resort for Dog Grooming?

Our Nationally Certified Master Groomer, Jennifer Crytzer, has years of experience in grooming, teaching, and showing. Before coming to Connie Winters’ Pet Resort, Jen was the head instructor at Romani’s Pet World where she taught and instructed new groomers and oversaw all of the grooming needs of the pets.  Our Spa staff is kind, gentle, patient, and experienced to offer your pet a wonderful grooming experience.

*Since grooming is specialized for each individual pet, prices may vary. Please call for an estimate. 

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