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Dog Day Care in Indiana, PA

Dog Day Care

Individual Care

If your four-legged friend isn’t the most social in the group, that’s okay! Our Dog Day Camp experience is designed to provide individual care and attention to your dog without mixing in with the other pets at our facility. Your loved one will get individual attention, exercise, playtime and basic obedience from our amazing staff in a 1 on 1 environment.  

Dog Day Camp

Social Group

Most dogs are social creatures and enjoy spending time playing with their friends, both four legged and two legged. We treat your pup to fun-filled days of safe socialization with other dogs, interacting with our caring staff, and exercise to burn off all that extra energy all while making new friends.

Why Choose Connie Winters' Pet Resort Dog Day Care & Day Camp

There are many benefits to your pet by attending either Dog Day Camp or Day Care at our facility. 

  • Lots of exercise, dogs go home and fall asleep, making life much easier on their family
  • Dogs learn life skills such as waiting, car rides, meeting new people and new dogs
  • Social skills with other dogs such as appropriate play, greeting other dogs, arousal level control and making new and lasting friendships
  • Camp counselors teach and practice basic obedience skills during camp sessions
  • Less destructive behaviors at home
  • Social interaction between pet families
  • Less anxiety for pet parent about leaving dog home alone
  • Even if pet does not enjoy, or is not suited for the social Camp program, they will benefit from Individual Day Care. The activities at Connie Winters’ Pet Resort are geared to keep all pets, healthy, happy and safe. Day care is a great way to introduce your pet to Connie Winters’ Pet Resort so they understand that you will be returning for them when you are traveling.
Please note: Suitability Testing is mandatory for all dogs prior to admittance to Dog Day Camp and costs $30.00 

Dog Day Care

$ 25
00 (per day)
  • 1-on-1 play with one of our staff members.
  • Individualized private care and attention
  • Teaching basic obedience skills
  • Fun and engaging activities for your dog.

Dog Day Camp

$ 25
00 (per day)
  • Socialized play and activities with other dogs
  • Teaching basic obedience skills
  • Plenty of exercise to burn off extra energy
  • Oversight from our experienced staff

Pre-Paid Package of 10 Days

$ 250
00 .
  • Either Dog Day Care OR Dog Day Camp

Pre-paid Package of 20 Days

$ 500
00 .
  • Either Dog Day Care OR Dog Day Camp

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