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Dog in our pet care services in a private kennel
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Kennels at Connie Winters' Pet Resort

Lodging for Dogs

At Connie Winters’ Pet Resort, dogs get to enjoy the country life and get to be treated like royalty.  You can rest assured that your dog will be safe, secure and happy while he or she enjoys the country vacation resort that caters only to pets!  Amenities include:

Lab and small dog playing near a bench
Two dogs playing
Dog outside
Girl petting a dog

Activities at the Pet Resort

Every season brings new exciting things to do. During the winter months, our guests chase snow balls, sled ride and make snow angels or play in the Atrium on special K-9 grass where they can run and play with the staff out of the cold and ice. Spring brings all the smells of green grass and lounging in the warm sun with belly rubs from the staff. Summer is for Frisbee and ball games, practicing on the agility equipment and then cooling off in the pools and eating pupicles. Playing in the fallen leaves, watching the wildlife around the resort, maybe getting Breakfast in bed or one of the delicious Holiday dinners that are available in the fall. There is always something special happening at Connie Winters’ Pet Resort.

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dogs playing in pet care
three puppies playing
Dog jumping over a hurdle

Dog Day Camp and Day Care

Most dogs are social creatures and enjoy spending time playing with their friends, both
four legged and two legged. The many benefits to attending either Camp or Day care:

Dog Day Camp and Day Care Pricing

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cat laying on a bed
sleepy cat
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Lodging for Cats

At Connie Winters’ Pet Resort, cats get to enjoy the country life in a safe, clean, spacious, multi- level private cabins away from the dogs. Cats have their own sun-porch with soft furniture, climbing spaces, high and low spaces to hide and lots of large screened windows to watch the birds and other wildlife. You can rest assured that your cat will be content and spoiled while he or she enjoys the country vacation resort that caters only to pets! Amenities include:

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Clippers cutting a dogs claws
White dog being groomed
Black and white dog just groomed

Grooming Spa & Styling Salon for Dogs & Cats

All pets are happier and healthier when they are clean and well groomed. Our grooming salon with state of the art amenities is a quiet, soothing retreat, away from exciting activities going on though out the rest of the resort.

Our new Nationally Certified Master Groomer, Jennifer Crytzer, (formerly head instructor with the now closed Romani’s Pet World) has many years of experience in grooming, teaching, and showing. Our staff is kind, gentle, patient and experienced to offer your pet a wonderful grooming experience.

*Since grooming is specialized for each individual pet, prices may vary. Please call for an estimate. 

Trained dog walking on a leash
Dog training class
Two dogs trained on stairs
Dog about to get a treat

Dog Training and Learning to Speak "Dog"

Your dog loves being part of your family, but sometimes doesn’t always understand their position in your “pack”. Training helps your dog understand what you expect of them and allows the two of you to form a strong bond and partnership.

Basic commands all dogs should know are sit, down, stay, walk nicely on a leash, come when called and leave it. We use up to date positive reward training methods and allow dogs to learn new skills at their own pace and in their own way.

Today’s society expects dogs to have social skills that allow them to participate in activities with their family such as being friendly with people, without jumping on them, knowing how to play with other dogs, and manners in the car.

We offer group training classes throughout the year and we have other training options available whenever your dog has a reason to be with us. Our training takes place in our light, airy atrium, one of our large fenced-in play yards, or our heated/ air-conditioned home-like training room.

We have several different group training options available:

Other Training Classes: