Fall 2021 Dog Training Classes

Reserve a spot for you and your dog in one of our upcoming DOG TRAINING CLASSES. Let us help you train the dog you love and have fun doing it!

Dog Training and Learning to Speak "Dog"

Your dog loves being part of your family, but sometimes doesn’t always understand their position in your “pack”. Training helps your dog understand what you expect of them and allows the two of you to form a strong bond and partnership.

Basic commands all dogs should know are sit, down, stay, walk nicely on a leash, come when called and leave it. We use up to date positive reward training methods and allow dogs to learn new skills at their own pace and in their own way.

Today’s society expects dogs to have social skills that allow them to participate in activities with their family such as being friendly with people, without jumping on them, knowing how to play with other dogs, and manners in the car.

We offer group training classes throughout the year and we have other training options available whenever your dog has a reason to be with us. Our training takes place in our light, airy atrium, one of our large fenced-in play yards, or our heated/ air-conditioned home-like training room.

Trained dog walking on a leash

Group Training Classes

Level 2 Intermediate Dog Skills

Oct 12 - Nov 16th | Tuesday's @ 7:15pm

Level 2 Intermediate Dog Skills is for dogs over 6 months of age, who need more training with walking on a lead, sit, down, stay, come, leave it, and good social skills to function in today’s world. Class meets once per week for 6 sessions. 

Cost is $250.00 including all training materials. Reservations required in advance. Prerequisite: Puppy STAR class

AKC Canine Good Citizen

Oct 12th - Nov 16th | Tuesday's at 6pm

AKC Canine Good Citizen training course is for dogs who have passed the AKC Puppy STAR class and the Level Two Intermediate Dog skills class and is ready to move on being a dog Good Citizen dog who is ready for more advanced training and socializing. Many of our students use this course as a steppingstone for therapy work or before starting agility training. Course covers advanced training for all basic commands, field trips for social interactions and assignments to reach individual goals. Passing the final test leads to the Canine Good citizen title. Class meets once per week for 6 sessions. CGC test will be given 7/19/2021.

Cost is $250.00 including all training materials. Reservations required in advance. Prerequisite: Must pass pre-entrance exam or have attended CWPR’s Puppy STAR, and Level 2 Intermediate Dog skills classes.

AKC Puppy Star

Oct 4th - Nov 8th | Monday's at 6pm

AKC Puppy STAR is the beginning training course for dogs who have little to no training, Dogs should be 5 months or older. Class meets once per week for 6 sessions with testing for the Puppy STAR medal at end of course. This course covers sit, down, stay, leash walking, come, how to replace bad behaviors with good behaviors and also has social interactions between dogs and people. 

Cost is $250.00 including all training materials. Reservations required in advance. 

Puppy Pre- School Social Hour

Classes TBD - Contact Us if interested

Puppy Pre- School Social Hour is for new pet parents and puppies between 12 weeks and 5 months at the start of class. Puppy socialization is extremely important for a successful lifetime with a new family. Socialization is the primary goal of this course, but we also cover other important puppy stuff, such as housetraining, how and why to use a crate, walking on a lead, sit and other useful aids to grow a wonderful family pet. Class meets once per week for 6 sessions. 

Cost is $250.00 including all training materials. Reservations required in advance. 

Other Training Classes

Lodge and Learn Boarding Package

Lodge and Learn Boarding Package is designed for the family that would like to return from vacation to a dog who has learned several new commands. This 5-day package includes multiple training sessions throughout the day and the discipline of expected behaviors each time a staff member interacts with your dog. A short private training session for the family is also included. 

Cost is $335.00 for 5 days training and board or $610.00 for 10 days.

Jump Start Training

Jump Start Training is a daily training program that combined with either our Daycare or our Dog Camp program, helps to train or keep your dog learning new skills each day they are here with us. It is like our Lodge and Learn Pkg. except your dog goes home each evening. 


Cost is $12.00 per day or pre-paid package of 10 days for $110.00

Private Training Sessions | 6-week minimum

Private Training Sessions are a one-on-one session with our trainer. Private sessions are useful to the pet parent who cannot commit to a weekly class or who is uncomfortable handling their dog in a group class. This is a great option for the first-time pet owner to learn how to speak “DOG,” coping with the aggressive or separation anxious dog or the dog owner who wants some advanced training for therapy or service dog work. 

Cost is $60.00 per session with a 6 session minimum.