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Coronavirus: Who Stressed the Dogs Out?

The human perspective:

‘Here we were thinking we had normal, well-behaved dogs who loved each other and suddenly they were at each other’s throats.  Until the last month, that is. In the span of just a few days, our dogs got into fights, peed on the floor, didn’t want to go for another walk, snapped at the kids and just want to curl up under our feet.  We are under enough stress with the coronavirus pandemic.  We do not need the dog’s acting out and adding to our stress. Umm, let us look at this from your dog’s perspective.

The dog perspective:

‘Here I was thinking we had a normal, well-adjusted human family, who loved each other and suddenly they were at each other’s throats. What happened?  In the span of just a few days, everything I thought I knew about my family changed. They stopped getting up and going to work and school.  The kids are spending all day on their computers doing schoolwork and they get yelled at when they want to stop and play with me.  The adults are worried about something called money.  I think it might be something like the bone I buried in the back yard. They spend hours watching TV and looking at their phones and get annoyed when I want to curl up with them.  There have been no car rides for ice cream, no visits from Grandma and if we do go to visit, we can’t go inside and get a treat.  Everyone wants to take me for a walk, but I cannot play with my dog friends and the family doesn’t allow me to go near anyone and they make me walk for miles and miles.  I’m afraid they don’t love me anymore. They are really stressing me out.

So, who stressed who out and what can we do about it:

Dogs and kids thrive on routine, in fact we all do!  When we create habits, our life becomes easier, because we spend our energy on constructive stuff instead of worrying about all the little details, like where we left the car keys. Even though as humans, we do not know exactly how our world is going to change over the next months or years, change is inevitable, but the more routine we can keep for our dogs and our family, the happier and less stressed everyone will be.  Here are a few suggestions to keep your dog feeling the love and help him or her thru these rough times:

Summer Dog Training Classes

Reserve a spot for you and your dog in one of our Summer DOG TRAINING CLASSES Let us help you train the dog you love and have fun doing it!

Classes are limited in size for lots of individual attention from Connie Winters, our head trainer, with over 60 yrs. experience. Learn how to understand how your dog thinks and how to get great results using positive rewards methods. Our airy light filled atrium with lots of fresh air, fans and artificial K-9 grass gives us protection from the elements and is cleaned and disinfected daily for a safe environment for handlers and dogs.

Trained dog walking on a leash

Basic Dog Skills Class

Starts Monday, June 1, 2020 | 6pm-7pm for 6 weeks

Is your dog maturing into a rowdy character? Does he/she jump on people? Does he/she come when called? Is he/she afraid of people or other dogs? Bring your 6+ month old pups and let us help you turn him into that lovable & trained pup of your dreams.

Cost is $150.00 + materials. Reservations required in advance.

Canine Good Citizen Class

Starts Tuesday, June 2, 2020 | 6pm-7pm for 6 weeks

This class is designed for dogs who have passed their Puppy STAR Medal test and/or has the necessary basic obedience and social skills to move on to the next level of training or their Canine Good Citizen title. This class is the stepping stone to service dog training, therapy work, agility training and just a wonderfully trained companion.

Cost is $150.00 + materials. Reservations required in advance and dog and handler must pass pre-entrance exam or have passed CWPR’s Puppy STAR class.

Puppy Pre-school Class & Social Hour

Starts Wednesday, June 3, 2020 | 6pm-7pm for 6 weeks

Did you get a puppy during the Stay at Home Quarantine? Is he/she still cute and cuddly or really trying your patience? Do you know how and why to teach basic behaviors and socialization skills for their safety and yours? Bring your pup and come and join us for puppy socialization and fun puppy training. Puppies should be between 12 weeks and 6 months of age at the start of class.

Cost is $150.00 + materials. Reservations required in advance.

Other Training options

Private lessons, Lodge & Learn packages and our Jump Start Program 

These programs are available if our group training classes do not fit your schedule or needs. Call Today at (724) 465-6120 for more information or visit our training section on our website. We are here to help you have the dog of your dreams.

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