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A Note from Connie from Connie Winters’ Pet Resort regarding “ Mystery Disease” in the news:

We have been getting many questions about the respiratory disease affecting dogs around the country recently, I would like answer a few of these questions and encourage you to discuss your dog’s health with your veterinarian. If your dog does not have a primary veterinarian, now is the time to call and make an appointment with a vet office of your choice. If you dog becomes ill, it is usually too late to get an appointment except with the emergency clinics. Be Pro-Active!

What can you do to protect your dog?

  • Make sure your dog is vaccinated for Bordetella, Parainfluenza, Parvo virus, and discuss Canine Influenza vaccination with your vet.
  • Know who your dog is encountering when out and about. Use caution at the dog parks, walking trails, dog friendly stores, vet offices, groomers, day care and boarding facilities. Maintain a safe distance from other dogs- this is a respiratory illness.
  • Learn the symptoms of the disease: Cough, fever, green nasal discharge, lack of appetite and lethargy
  • Determine if your dog is a high risk for this disease, young puppies, senior dogs, Flat-face breeds like pugs or bulldogs, pets with existing heart or lung diseases, If your dog is high risk, try to eliminate dog to dog contact.
  • Do not panic! As of today, there are no reported cases in Pennsylvania, of course that can change very rapidly, keeping your dog’s schedule, the same, keeps your dog from being stressed. Dogs need fresh air, exercise, good food, lots of rest and attention.

What Connie Winters’ Pet Resort is doing to protect our guests?

  • Cleaning, cleaning cleaning- all dog contact surfaces, laundry & toys.
    All food and water dishes are wash and sanitized after every meal.
  • Dogs are monitored for any coughing, sneezing or other signs of illness by all staff
  • Proof of All vaccination records are required before reservations are confirmed
  • Any dog showing any signs of illness will be removed from their playgroup immediately and sent home or taken to their veterinarian as quickly as possible. Please make sure we have owner contact information on file. We will keep you updated
  • Any dog showing any signs of illness at check in will not be accepted for any service.
  • All sleeping cabins have solid walls with a sealed bottom to prevent contamination between dogs. Cabins have raised “Kuranda” beds for the dog’s warmth and comfort
  • Frequent fresh air exchanges to decrease spread of any airborne pathogens
  • Our Day care/ Camp programs will be cancelled for a necessary time period to protect all of our guests if and when this disease is confirmed in this area

I hope this note has been helpful to our friends, clients, and their dogs. We want to keep all of our guests as happy, healthy and safe as possible thru this holiday season. We hope to see many of four legged friends over the holidays but we understand and encourage our “at risk “friends to be safe this year.

-Connie Winters