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How to spot when your dog has canine cough

A Note from Connie from Connie Winters’ Pet Resort regarding “ Mystery Disease” in the news: We have been getting many questions about the respiratory disease affecting dogs around the country recently, I would like answer a few of these questions and encourage you to discuss your dog’s health with your veterinarian. If your dog […]

Springtime Pet Safety Tips

Springtime Pet Safety Tips Spring is a season of colors, flowers, and celebration after the cold winter months. While we look forward to happy, sunny days, it’s important to be aware of any pet safety risks that come with this change in weather. Here are some springtime safety tips to help prevent injuries or illness […]

How to Beat the Heat

How to protect you pets in the summer BEWARE: Summer can be a dangerous time for your pet, BE PREPARED! Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Share on email Email Be prepared for Heat Stress! Be aware of the signs of heat stress. If your pet shows any of […]