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Recover, Rethink and Rebound Like Your Dog Would Do

Have you ever sat back and watched puppies play?

I mean really studied how they react to their surroundings and their playmates.  Have you seen a pup take a hard tumble or get plowed over by a littermate, and land so hard, that you worry they might have gotten hurt?  What do they do?  They slowly sit up, look, and watch what is going on around them, then jump up and are back in the game.  No worse for wear!  I think we could learn something from our Dogs!

Have you ever watched a dog try to solve a problem?

For example, getting their favorite ball out from under the chair.  First, they smell it to make sure it is still there, then they try the easy solution, reach in, and try to pull it out with their leg, then they try to crawl under the chair. Ok, no luck! Now the creative juices start to flow. Maybe they will try to move the chair, or try from a different angle, or come and bark at you for help.  But they never give up until they have their ball back.  I think we could learn something from our Dogs!

Have you ever watched your dog run and play off leash?

They run, jump and play like they as free as the wind.  They don’t seem to have a care in the world.  They know that this freedom will not last forever so they take advantage of this moment in time to enjoy the sights, sounds and glorious smells of being alive today.  I think we could learn something from our Dogs!

Help Us Improve Your Experience

We, at Connie Winters’ Pet Resort have had the opportunity to study dogs daily and we have learned so much from the experience. We are determined to recover, rethink and rebound from the events of the last several months and to come out as better, more caring people, to challenge ourselves to recreate our business to fit our new way of life, and to look at our world from all perspectives, to live with the abandon of our beloved furry friends.  Just as the dog with the ball, some attempts at changes, do not produce success but we would like your input to help us. Woof, Woof!

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