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How to protect you pets in the summer

BEWARE: Summer can be a dangerous time for your pet, BE PREPARED!


Be prepared for Heat Stress!

Be aware of the signs of heat stress. If your pet shows any of these signs, call your vet immediately and take him to the office or emergency clinic:

Here are some things you can do immediately to cool him down.

Be on the lookout for TICKS & FLEAS every day!

Be aware of ticks and fleas!

BE your pet’s lifeguard when near Pools, Streams, Beaches, or any kind of water.

Did you know that pets get sunburned? How about the fact that unclean water can cause skin problems?

BE your pet’s guardian angel- Save car rides and long hikes for cooler weather.

It’s hot, so cool down. Make sure the conditions outside are safe for your pet. 

BE aware of dangerous encounters.

BE your pet’s food monitor and protector

BE PREPARED, provide protection for your pets by sharing this list with your family, and have a safe, happy summer with your pets! We hope to see you and your pets soon!

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