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2022 Spring Dog Training Classes

Reserve a spot for you and your dog. Let us help train the dog you love!


Have fun learning & spending time with your

Classes are limited in size for lots of individual attention from Connie Winters, our head trainer, with over 60 yrs. experience. Learn how to understand how your dog thinks and how to get great results using positive rewards methods. Our airy light filled atrium with lots of fresh air, fans and artificial K-9 grass gives us protection from the elements and is cleaned and disinfected daily for a safe environment for handlers and dogs. We also have fenced outdoor facilities for variety and field trips.

Puppy Pre-school Class & Social Hour

Starts Tuesday April 5, 2022 | 6-7pm for 6 weeks

Did you get a puppy but realize that training is not as easy as you expected?  Is he/she still cute and cuddly or really trying your patience? Do you know how and why to teach basic behaviors and socialization skills for their safety and yours? Bring your pup and come and join us for puppy socialization and fun puppy training. Puppies should be between 12 weeks and 6 months of age at the start of class. This class trains the owner and allow the puppies to play, socialize, and learn basic skills in a fun environment.

Cost is $250.00. Reservations required in advance.

AKC Puppy STAR Class

Starts Monday April 4, 2022 | 6pm-7pm or Tuesday May 17, 2022 / 6pm-7pm

The AKC Puppy STAR class is for puppies older than  5 months and mature enough to learn the commands of place, sit, down, walk on a leash, stay, come.  This class also focuses on socialization behaviors towards other dogs and people.  This course can include testing for the AKC Puppy STAR medal award at the end of the course.

Cost is $250.00 Reservations, vaccines & registration forms required in advance.

Intermediate Dog Skills Class

Starts Wednesday May 18, 2022 | 6pm-7pm for 6 weeks

The intermediate Dog Skills Class is designed for the dog and handler who has completed the AKC Puppy STAR class or another basic training class but still needs more training to reach their goals.  Different breeds mature at different rates, and sometimes a dog & handler is having so much fun, they want to continue their training on the  intermediate skill sets: more advanced loose lead walking, leave it, watch me, better recall results, along with improving manners and social skills

Cost is $250.00 Reservations, vaccines & registration forms required in advance.

Canine Good Citizen Class

Starts summer dates TBA | 6pm-7pm for 6 weeks

This class is designed for dogs who have passed their Puppy STAR Medal test and/or has the necessary intermediate obedience and social skills to move on to the next level of training for their Canine Good Citizen title. This class is the stepping stone to service dog training, therapy work, agility training and just a wonderfully trained companion.  Course work includes, field trips, excellent manners skills, solid command work and individual training based on service or therapy training goals.  If Dog and Handler have not completed the above courses at CWPR, please set up pre- course test appointment before registration for this class.

Cost is $250.00 Reservations, vaccines & registration forms required in advance.

Private Training Courses

Starts summer dates TBA | 6pm-7pm for 6 weeks

Private classes may be more suitable for dogs with aggression issues, such as: dog, people, leash or boundary aggression.  Private sessions are also useful to the handler of a large breed dog, if the handler can not control the dog in group situations.  This is also a solution for the handler who works shift work or has a very busy schedule and  may need to come to class at differing times.  Private training is also available for the advanced team working on service dog or therapy skills

Cost is $360.00 for 6 sessions. Reservations, vaccines & registration forms required in advance.

Call Today at (724) 465-6120 for more information or visit our training section on our website. We are here to help you have the dog of your dreams.

Connie Winters

President and Founder of Connie Winters Pet Resort.