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Sam loves the words "treat" "walk" "ride", but her favorite word is "Connie". She bounces up and down with joy when I say we're going to "Connie." I know she's always cared for when she's there.

I have been using Connie Winters' Pet Resort for the last five years for our beagle, Hunter. I judge the care he is getting by the way he acts when I take him and pick him up from the your resort. He seems happy and well cared for. Your employees are all very nice and seem to treat him well which is important to me.

— Susan S.

Took Lola in an emergency and it was so helpful. I feel comfortable leaving my Lola here and it is really a great service!

— Emily G.

Connie Winters' Pet Resort always takes good care of Sophie. Sometimes I call at the last minute to make a reservation and they make room for her. We appreciate the good care she gets at Connie Winters' Pet Resort.

— Leslie Krummet

Accommodations are very clean: able to support anytime and at last minute. My dog is always well cared for and cleaned. Staff is very professional; polite and willing: so above what is expected. Thank you.

I've known Connie for a very long time and feel very lucky to have a kennel I can trust and take my dogs (kids) to for day camp or boarding. The location is very convenient for us and it's so nice to have well socialized and worn out pups at the end of the day. The obedience classes are invaluable also!

— Cortland Kalanavich

Training Classes

We have used Connie Winters' Pet Resort for over 20 years and they are always kind and very helpful. Our dogs have always received the best and loving care. The training classes are amazing and taught with love and care. We love this place.

— Debbie Weaver

Doggie Day Camp

The only kennel I trust with my dogs. My dog, Kash always comes home tired and happy from Doggie Day Camp.

— Shelly Wampole

We are reaping the benefits every day of Tobie's new handle of simple commands. We enjoyed very much the puppy curriculum, and thought that the lessons were perfectly guided to a beginner puppy’s needs... One of the best parts of the class was being able to have Tobie interact with other dogs and owners and having to use the commands we learned to negate unfavorable behavior. They were sort of in-class "real life scenarios" that we got to react to... We also very much enjoyed the "pass the pup" circle at the end of the first class.... And 6 classes was just enough. There were enough weekly classes that no individual lesson felt rushed yet a month and a half weekly schedule was not too long to commit to.

— Crystal M.

Hi Connie,

There were so many things about the S.T.A.R.R. puppy class that I liked that it's hard to say which was my favorite, but I think it was that no matter what unacceptable behavior Max was exhibiting, you had ideas and tips for us on how to correct or train Max to behave. When we adopted Max we had no idea what we were in for.....we thought he was calm and quiet and would be very easy to care for. But, it didn't take long for us to realize that we really needed help with him because he is just so strong and smart, and that if we didn't learn early-on how to make him realize we were in control, we would be in trouble. Your help in "taming" him, has been invaluable!

The class has taught me how to watch for Max's 'signs' when he is getting over-excited, or tired, and we can tell when it's time to take a break. We learned how to make him not jump on people when he greets them, although it's still really hard for Max to curb his enthusiasm.

I think both of us loved going to class (me and Max). Max made friends with the other puppies and that helped him be less anxious about meeting other dogs. I also think Max enjoyed the extra attention during his training sessions....he never bulked or refused to enter the classroom, in fact, he could hardly wait to get up the stairs to see who was there. You could see him thinking about what was going on and watching the other dogs.......you could literally see his "wheels turning" in that little mind of his. Once he knew you meant business, he knew he had to listen and I don't think he minded at all.

I really liked going to class too because everyone there was kind and anxious to learn and all the owners and puppies were so friendly. We really had a great time watching the other puppies improve their skills too. It was reassuring to see that other pet owners were having some of the same challenges getting their puppy to listen or perform the commands.

I would definitely recommend your class to anyone who asks, especially if they intend to live with a pup that is very active (and big) like Max.

Bill and I can't thank you enough......living with Max is getting better every day (well, almost) he's still very much a very big and strong puppy ;-)

— Thanks so much, Debbie