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Grooming Spa & Styling Salon for Dogs & Cats

All pets are happier and healthier when they are clean and well groomed. Our grooming salon with state of the art amenities  is a quiet, soothing retreat, away from exciting activities going on though out the rest of the resort. 

Our new Nationally Certified Master Groomer, Jennifer Crytzer, ( formerly head instructor with the now closed Romani's Pet World) has many years of experience in grooming, teaching, and showing. Christine will be spending more time in her new position as our customer service supervisor but  she will still be grooming pets that ask for her.  Our staff are kind, gentle, patient and experienced to offer your pet a wonderful grooming experience.

  • Spoil your pet by scheduling grooming during their stay or schedule a spa day for your pet.
  • Include a soothing bath, special shampoo, coat conditioners and cologne designed for your pet's hair coat.
  • Nail trimming, nail filing and pad trimming.
  • Sanitary cleaning includes ear cleaning and private area cleanup.
  • Styling or shortening of your pet's coat depending on breed and your  preferences.
  • Blueberry facials, specialty shampoos, nail polish are also available.
  • Spa sessions are complete with bows or bandanas and cologne to make your pet feel really special and well loved.

Since each pet and owner has their own preferences regarding grooming, we prefer to discuss grooming fees while helping you decide on the most becoming style for your pet. Please call or email and talk to one of our groomers regarding your pet. Our groomers have the knowledge necessary to make your pet's grooming a relaxing, safe and happy experience. The grooming salon is open Monday through Saturday. Appointments are necessary. Grooming can be scheduled separately or book your pet's grooming appointment when scheduling your lodging arrangements or Doggie Camp sessions. Saturday and holiday-time appointments go fast so make yours now!