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Not a kennel! A loving pet resort!

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Pamper your pet with special exercise packages, activities, cuddle time, and holiday parties. Keeping your pet entertained, socialized and happy is what we are all about.

Unleashed Playtime Session

Is a private exercise session with favorite staff member. This session can be done indoors if weather is unsuitable outside. Dogs and cats both enjoy these sessions ( cats enjoy all of their activities in the safety of their own personal sunroom)

Swimming Sessions

In our fun wading pools and supervised by our staff. Dogs are rinsed off and towel-dried before returning to their cabin for a nap.

A Nature Walk

Is a quiet country stroll thru our lovely fenced grounds, taking time to smell the flowers and watch the neighboring horses play in their fields. This is an especially nice activity for our older or quieter guests who enjoy lots of attention but are not interested in toys or strenuous types of exercise.

Cuddle Time

Is for either cats or dogs with their favorite staff member. It includes lots of TLC, ear scratching, tummy rubs or even a lap to sit on. Some times we all need a hug and some one on one time!

Story Time

Is much like cuddle time but with reading from a book so our guest can relax while being petted and read to. This a ideal for any pet who loves just being near and hearing a soothing voice.  Wonderful activity for the pet that is homesick,  doesn't see well  or is old and stiff.  Includes treats to make it even more fun!

Amazing Holiday Parties

Special Events are scheduled for Valentine's, St. Patrick's, Easter Egg Hunt, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Our events have special camp sessions, wonderful treats, lots of one on one time with staff, photos, gifts.  These events are fun for our guest and staff. You can sign your pet up for as many activities and treats as you wish when you make your pet's reservation. Ask about our upcoming discounted activities packages and special holiday events when you call to book your pet's lodging.


Our overnight lodging rates include three potty breaks throughout the day, but research has shown that dogs are much happier when their day is filled with activities and lots of personal interaction with the staff. We highly recommend that you pick the activity package that best suits your pet's energy and comfort level. Activities may be purchased as a discounted package or individually